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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


So I am still behind on my To-Do list.  I have a page long list that never gets shorter.  It has been crazy but I did manage to get school layaway done.  Not much else got done today really.  My house is still not clean because I forgot to go to that store.  Plus I am kinda out of money at the moment so that put an end to the shopping today. 

We did get some good stuff for school and the house so I don't mind so much.  It just sucks because my daughters birthday is in a few weeks and due to her Dad not being involved so much I am not sure he will be contributing so it makes it very nerve racking to know if I will have the money.

On a good note I enrolled back in school so I am super happy.  I will be getting a Bachelors so that will be cool.  I have been out of college about 2 years so I must admit I am nervous.  I did my Associates no problem really but I am not so sure about this.  It will be different being back again.

Well today is short because I have to get up for work and it is already late.  Have a great night.

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