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Monday, July 22, 2013

First Day After Vacation

So today was my return to work.  It was very interesting to say the least.  The things that normally would have made me sooo mad I just laughed at.  I had this peace over me that just helped me keep my calm all day.  It was a great feeling to not care so much about the little things that didn't effect me at all.  Other people have been letting their emotions run high and questioning my place of employment.  Today I just went about my business and it went by so fast and sooo smooth it was crazy.  I hope I can hold onto this peace each day so every day is this nice.

On another note I felt amazing as well due to the fact everyone was loving my new hair cut.  Customers that barely ever keep a conversation going with me were talking about my hair and how cute it was.  I had to smile.  It was nice to get the compliments and to know that people actually noticed.  I think I smiled more today than any day lately.  It was nice to have these great things happening today.

I have a short day tomorrow so that will be fun too.  I go in for only about 5 hours so I am in and out.  No big deal.  It will be nice to add to my great first day.  I actually look forward to going tomorrow.  Tomorrow I going to be interesting on another note but that will be for tomorrows posting.  I have to have something to share then.  Well off to more survey doing and job searching.  Have a great day.

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