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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Getting Nervous About Tuesday

So Tuesday is going to be a really big day here.  My daughter will officially turn 13.  Is exciting and sad at the same time.  I am so glad that she is here and mine but to know that she is growing up is very hard.  I am the kind of person who has worked hard at not making my daughter grow up to fast. 

I have enjoyed watching her just be a kid.  Somethings in my lief made me have to grow up a little faster than most kids and I wanted to make sure that never happened to my daughter.  I want her to be a kid as long as she possibly can.  That fact that she will be a teen means that growing up is just around the corner.  I am trying to let her hold on as long as she can.

This is also hard because I am not always the one she is with.  She goes to her Dad's house and she spends time with my friend when I am at work.  They are trying to make her grow up and she is still a kid and it is hard for her and for me to watch.  I really want my child to not have to worry about being more grown up when she is still a kid.

I am excited that I have been her Mommy for this long at the same time.  We have had some amazing years together.  I have learned a lot from being her Mommy.  She always makes me smile when I feel down.   She amazes me all the time with the things she says and does sometimes.  She is very smart on some things and it makes me smile all the time.  She is the most perfect thing in my life right now.

On Tuesday we will celebrate this special day and I will be happy for her but at the same time I will be sad.  I will know that my little girl is closer to adulthood.  All I can do is be there for her when she needs me.  I can love her with everything I have and at the end of the day hope for the best.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Change In Plans

I know I said it was going to be about savings right now but I have had some days that are very draining.  Things have been so backwards and I think I keep making it worse.  I am not sure I am really listening to my inner voice.  I feel disconnected from every thing right now. 

I should be feeling excited and a little sad because my daughter is about to be a teenager.  Instead I am struggling with things that are going on around me.  I am praying for guidance but I will be honest I don't think I am getting it.  Not that something is wrong with God but there is something wrong with me receiving his grace and mercy.

I have been struggling with this for some time.  I know he is there and I have no doubt that he really does do miracles.  I just have not figured it out yet.  I don't think that I myself am capable of getting it.  Again don't get me wrong I am NOT anti God, I just feel that something in me blocks me from getting all that he has to offer.

This is all for today.  I am drained from the last few days so I am going to get ready for bed early.  Have a great night.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 2 of Savings Apps

As promised I am continuing my posts about apps that are for shopping.  I really like the apps because they are very convenient.  I just have to remember my phone and I can save.  I am not saying that I don't still use coupons but apps can also be used with coupons and I generally do the worst shopping mistake and shop on a whim instead of being prepared.

For today's topic we will discuss the key ring app.  I like this app because you can put all your savings cards in one place.  Instead of having a million loyalty cards in your wallet you can put them all on your phone.  In addition to this for some of the stores it will even tell you the savings that are going on for that store.  You can even join other programs that may not have a card but that Key Ring has partnered with.  It is very helpful in getting your savings at your favorite stores.

I have been using it for awhile now and it has been a life saver.  Sometimes I have had to grab a set of spare keys or I am driving a different car and then I don't have my card.  I may even just be going for a short trip so I don't grab my wallet and that means no card.  It is very frustrating to lose points or discounts because I forgot it.  Nothing like not getting the sales items because you forgot your card.

That is why this app is so great.  It clears up your wallet space which is nice for putting other things in there and it makes it less bulky.  That is a bonus in itself.  One thing any body can use is more space and less clutter.  I know I am happy that way.  If you are a multiple loyalty card holder this is a must have. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Upsetting Day So Lets Talk Savings

So today did not go as planned at all.  I was not able to get anything that I wanted to done so I am not very happy.  I could not get on the site to finish my divorce papers so I was not able to go file.  My cable was out and couldn't get it fixed so that was annoying.  So today we are going to talk about savings and points apps.  I am going to cover them over the next couple days.

For today we are going to talk about Shop Kicks.  If you do not already know what this is, it is a phone app where you earn points for shopping and then redeem the points for awards.  It is very easy.  You just take your phone with you when shopping and it will alert you to the different kicks you can earn.  You can earn kicks for just walking into a store or by scanning the specific merchandise.

So far my favorite place to get kicks from is Target.  I have earned bonus boards there which is when you scan a full group of specified items.  I also earned $2 to shop just for getting kicks and entering the store.  They also have books as they are called.  You can look through specific store to see the latest items they have.  Some times for looking through the books you earn bonus kicks.  They can be right then or some are issued the next time you go to that specific store.  It is free and you are earning stuff from doing it.

The hardest part for me is when I am just running in and out of a store I some times forget my phone so I miss out on kicks.  The good news though is that they are free so I am not losing anything by forgetting.  It can be a little frustrating when you are so close to getting the level of points you want but that is the good thing, you can always earn more. 

You can use it to make shopping fun for the kids.  You can do the bonus boards as scavenger hunts and they can help.  It will earn you kicks and it will keep them occupied helping to look for the items.  I mean who couldn't use a way to entertain the kids while shopping.  The bonus is you can earn free stuff doing it too.

The prizes are pretty good.  They range from gift cards to merchandise, they even have it so if you earn enough points you can get a Vespa scooter.  The nice thing about it is that you are already going shopping so why not get something back.  If you are interested in trying it out http://get.shopkick.com/lithium12388

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weird Kind of Day

This is going to be a quick post for today.  Nothing went as planned and I have so much to still get done.  I woke up and things started good, then it got a little awkward.  Then work was weird as well so that really threw me for a loop.  The rest of the day did not go as planned either so nothing worked out the way it was supposed to.  I just got home like 3 hours after I was supposed to and I still do not have my divorce papers and I wanted them to be ready to file  tomorrow.

So it is the big day I finally start the process and I am not really sure how I feel now.  I was sad and then I was ready and now I just want to get it started so I can be done with it.  I have been married to him for the last eight years and never thought it would end.  Even when he told me he had gotten a girlfriend when I thought we were going to be making things stronger.  That my friend was a big shock.  You think that you are going to make your marriage stronger and he tells you he has a girlfriend and does not want to be with you like that anymore.  It was really hard.  Especially now that he puts his girlfriend before you and your child. 

He only seems to want to hang out with her when he wants and is very inflexible about weekends.  I am just beyond the whole situation.  I just want to get it done so that I can move forward with what is best for me and my daughter.  It in no way will be easy but after a year I feel it is time.  I really tried to work on it but he is unwilling so time to go.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Days

So I have been busy the last two days and I hope it pays off.  I really want to get stuff together.  I am planning to file my divorce papers Wednesday which is sad.  I have been trying for a year with no change so I feel it is time to move on.  I have been working on the house trying to make it feel a little more like my home instead of my parents home.  We are making progress slowly but surely.  I feel things are turning around slowly in my favor.  It feels good for a change.

Work not so much.  I am not the favorite at work by any means so things can get a little sticky now and then.  It is a love, hate relationship.  I love my paycheck coming in but hate that I have to go to work.  I am trying to find something I can do that I really enjoy.  Maybe starting my own business.  I would much rather be the boss than keep working some place where I do not feel respected. 

I am just going to Keep Swimming.  It has to go up from here.  I do feel sad on some things but happy that I am strong enough to keep going.  I am thankful to the people who continue to support me even when I don't want to support myself.  It has been a long year and it looks like I am finally heading in somewhat the right direction.  I only hope the next year goes even better.

Well it is late and I have  plans in the morning.  Have a great day.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting My Clean On

So after sleeping in today we got up at 10.30 then went got breakfast.  Then we cam home and got to work hard core.  We were scrubbing things like crazy and we got things going pretty well.  We got a lot of stuff cleaned up that has been needing done for awhile.  We moved into this house but my parents never moved their stuff out so it has been a challenge to deal with their stuff and ours so working on getting it out today was great.

We also had to do our regular chores too.  Of course today made for 2x everything.  Especially dishes.  We are pulling out all the dishes to get them cleaned up and get out the ones we don't need.  We still have baby dishes from when I was a baby in this house so it is a lot of work.  I do feel a good sense of accomplishment while I am getting this stuff done.  I will be really happy when I can get all of my stuff in here.  It has been hard without my stuff to use. 

I really miss having my own stuff.  We have been using my parents stuff for the last year.  I can not wait to get back to using my own things.  I miss sooo much of my stuff.  I keep finding stuff in the still packed boxes.  That only makes me work harder to make room for it.  Well it is getting later and I still have some stuff to take care of so I am going to be done for tonight.  Have a great day.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

On Some Kind Of Weird High

So after so much that has happened I have actually been in a pretty good mood.   I saw a person that I used to go to school with and I have been talking to them for like 2 days.  It has been kinda great to just talk to someone about stuff.  Of course because of spending so much time texting I have not gotten much else done which is not a good thing at all.  I am behind again on everything it is really hard to be behind this much.  I really need to get focused because I will be starting school again in a few weeks, plus I have a birthday to plan.  Then there is the drama

I posted before about me and my husband and how we were not getting along.  I have decided to officially end it by filing paper work.  It will be sad and my daughter is not happy but we have not lived together in over a year and he doesn't even talk to me anymore so I think I am better off just moving forward and trying to be happy.  I really hate the idea I miss him a lot but he has shown no interest in even talking to me about our child so I think it is best that I just go on.

So I really don't know how to deal with it for my child.  She is soo devastated about the idea but I can't just sit here waiting for him to change his mind for years.  I need to do stuff that is going to make me happy so that I can make my daughter happy.  I truly hate that we could not make it work out but I guess it is better to find out now than when we are elderly and have spent our whole life's together and then don't know what to do.

 Well I am getting off of here to get some sleep and hopefully clean my house tomorrow.  Have a great day