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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Never Enough Time In A Day

I have so much to get done but there is not enough time in the day.  Between working and trying to earn extra money plus my other normal stuff I need more time to get everything done.  I have multiple side jobs so keeping track of all of them is tough.  I have to cut down on some of my ways of earning extra income so I can really put more effort into the ones I really like.

I have church in the morning so no staying up really late tonight either.  So after that I have a been to church I am meeting with one of the ladies to help me grow my faith, then an open house in the afternoon then getting ready for work after that and trying to catch up on some more stuff.  I think I need to get an assistant just to help me get through my emails.   I may even need a to-do list to remind me to do my list.

So I am still sorting out the different survey sites but a lot I have already stopped a few because they only wanted to pay you for buying other sites items.  If I had the extra money then I wouldn't be trying to take surveys to make more so I didn't need them anymore.

Well that is it for tonight I have to get to bed and I still have to make the bed before I can do that sooo off I go to get some sleep.  Have a great day.

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