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Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation Is Going On

So I am officially on my vacation.  I get this week off.  I am spending most of it with my family then me and my daughter will be going back home to do house work and get ready for a yard sale the following week.  We are working on getting our home more organized and efficient.

We are currently in Up North, MI.  It is sooo peaceful here.  It is nice to just do nothing and be where life is still so simple. No worries or busyness to get in the way.  Just simple living at it's finest.  I have been enjoying up here since Friday when I got out of work.  It has been so good to get away.

My daughter enjoys being up here because she gets to spend time with her Grandparents and I like that she gets outside and just does kid stuff.  There is no crazy world influence pushing her to be too grown up or to get her in trouble.  I enjoy seeing her just be a kid.

The world is so busy today that some times even children get caught up in it.  They are moved around from this to that and school for part of the year.  Then they have friends pulling them on either side.  It is good for them to just have time to relax and experience a relaxed day.

I am still up dating the blog and will be for a while so please let me know anything that would make it better or just leave comments in general.

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