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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Useful Information About Target

So today we went to Target to get some dog food and we like to occasionally eat at the cafe.  We first stopped at the cafe and did our eating.  As a side not to this story be careful of getting the salads from the cooler the chef salad my daughter got had lettuce that was not so appealing looking.  We then took our usual stroll through the $1 section.  If you are a teacher you can find some useful items like stamps for papers, chalkboard border, grade books and more.  Then it was off to the dog food.  I myself find there are way too many options to choose from and I am always comparing prices to pounds.  We are currently using IAMS.  We tried the Rachel Ray brand but our dogs would not eat it very well.

Now it was time to head to the check out.  As you might know Target has a few different private label cards.  I personally have the store credit card.  You may also know that when you use your Target credit card you can receive 5% off your purchase.  I am really trying to not use my cards as much as possible due to my finances.  I need to pay stuff off.  So the cashier rings things up and ask how I am paying.  I say debit and he starts into the whole thing about using the Target card to which I inform him I have a card already.  Then he says do you have our debit card, I say no and that I only use the credit card for the discount.  Here is the part I was unaware  of.

The cashier proceeds to tell me that with the debit card you also get the 5% discount.  This is not something I personally was told about before.  All it is, is a debit card linked to your checking account you already have and then you still get the 5% off.  So now you can still shop with out having to extend your credit and get the discount.  It took less than 5 minutes to sign up for the card and you can use it immediately.

Another thing that some people may not know is that by using the card you can get the 5% even at the cafe and the pharmacy.  As another bonus when you use your card to purchase your prescription you can have the rewards program and after 5 purchases you get a day of discounted shopping.  This place is full of ways to save and now you can use the method you would have in the first place to get it.

To make this trip even better my daughter asked that since her salad was not to her liking could she get some popcorn,  which I was fine with so we went over there with my temporary card and ready to save on our popcorn when The guy at the counter says to my daughter " I have not seen you in awhile but if I remember correctly you were sick so are you feeling better."  He was right the last time we had been there she had been having stomach trouble and had to be careful about what she was eating.  I was very impressed that he remembered but not shocked.  He is amazing every time we go there.  The first time I saw him there I was having a bad day and had been crying and he was so nice that I left feeling 10x better.  I admit I am not positive on his name and I need to make sure to let his management team know just how great he is.  I believe his name is Roy and he works at the Target on W Saginaw if you are ever in the neighborhood.

I just wanted to share the new info I learned about their card program and throw in the amazing service that I got today.  It is so rare for people to just be nice to other that I wanted to make sure I let you know about and amazing local person.

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