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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Crazy Day

SO I was supposed to go for my check up today but I didn't because I think I have a cold and felt terrible.  At work I had one of my best work days so far.  Then I come home and my daughter starts acting crazy and having an attitude.

It was like a roller coaster that didn't stop.  Because she is mad at me she has decided to do her homework on the kitchen floor.  She is 15 mind you so this is just weird.  She does have learning issues that make things very difficult but still she is very crazy some times.   This is another reason I feel having only one child will be best for this house.  She is a lot of work when she has mood swings.

How about you?  How old are your children?  What do you do to deal with their mood swings or difficult behavior?

I hope one day I will figure out how to manage life with her so that she can feel more confident and feel like she can accomplish things.  My biggest fear is that she will cripple herself thinking she can not get far and live that way forever.

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