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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When Does High School Drama Stop!

When we leave high school we think that all of that drama will be behind us.  We are having to leave all the childish things behind and start new.  It is a time that we can be happy that we have made it through those crazy years.  Or is it?

I just had an experience yesterday that made me feel like I was in high school all over again.  I had a friend send me a message claiming that his ex had just called him telling him that I had told people he was my now gone babies father.  Her and I no longer speak and they are separated and he lives in a totally different state.  She is the one who wanted him to leave so please tell me why she is causing drama?  She has so little meaning in my life that she is not even aware yet that I am no longer pregnant.  She claims it was some one who has been a friend for 15 years.  Not sure if she meant mine or hers but the only people that we have both known that long are people that I no longer even talk to.

My thing is if she wanted him gone and has possibly even moved on then why is she constantly calling him trying to start fights?  Why is she using me to try to start these fights and make my life harder?  I almost had a complete break down because when he asked me about it, it brought back those feelings of losing my child all over again.  

She clearly is out to hurt people.  It is a totally childish thing to do.  Especially for a person who is almost 30.  Like do we not have grown up things to do, like maybe be a parent and mind your own business.  If you don't want to friends any more fine I am a big girl I have my own life.  If you don't want to be married that is your business but don't try making others miserable just because you are apparently not happy about some thing.  We Are Not In High School!!!!!

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