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Sunday, July 24, 2016

How I Got Rid Of My Kidney Stone (read till the end)

So as most of you know I have had a couple of kidney stones.  If you know anything about them they are painful and not easy to pass once they are of  larger size.  My first one was 9 mm and required two different surgeries before it finally came out.  After that I thought I was good to go and would just need regular heck ups to make sure I was ok.

This was not the case.  I ended up with a 6 mm stone at the beginning of this year.  I knew before I even went to the hospital what it was.  The pain was horrible.  If you have ever given birth then take labor pains and times it by a minimum of ten.  After going to the hospital I was given pain meds and told to go to my specialist.  By the time I saw him the pain was better so we decided to wait.  Then a week later I went back.  Not in pain I made the choice to wait.  My Dr. told me if I waited much longer I risked damage so surgery was looking like my only option.  I was told I would need another CT scan to see what was happening then we could decide from there.

Well for a couple of reasons I won't waste time explaining I didn't get the CT for another month.  In that time I decided to do some research on naturals ways to get rid of kidney stones.  I read multiple articles and learned of the same basic ingredients people had used with success.  Mind you there were a lot of opinions on how to get rid of them and how much of certain things you should eat or drink.  Some people swore by methods that were illegal as well.  I was not going that route.  I decided to use the ingredients that came up the most but do it my way.

For two weeks before the scan I used my remedy in hopes that it would at least shrink the stone enough they would let me wait to pass it.  After the scan it was almost a month before I saw the Dr.  I went in that day expecting to hear the words surgery.  I am not scared of surgery by any means but as a single parent it is hard to find a ride and set up a person to be with my princess in case of a seizure.

The Dr. came in ad to my surprise said I was fine.  I didn't need to come back for a whole year.  The stone was gone.  As the nurse was leaving she asked if I had passed it because she had never heard of some one passing a stone that big on their own.  I told her I was just as surprised and told her what I had done.  She was very impressed

So here is what you need to get started.  Lemons, pure honey, coconut oil, and organic apple cider vinegar.  I know seems to easy but it really is.  During the day you will make what I call a tea basically.  Get a coffee or tea mug and squeeze a half of lemon into the cup.  Then put in honey I just put in what looked about a teaspoon.  Then add a tablespoon of coconut oil.  Then fill with hot water.  I used my Kurig.  I filled the cup about half full of water put it in the Kurig then did the ingredients and then pushed start.  Drink the whole thing.  Later in the evening you need a large water bottle.  You put a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in it and fill the rest of the way with water.  It taste bad really I will not lie, but it works.  Do this for 2 weeks.  After that you can do it a couple times a week just to stay flushed out.

Why it works.  Here is what I learned.  The lemon and apple cider vinegar dissolve the stone over time.  The honey act as an antibacterial to keep your tube clean and repair quicker.  Stones have sharp edges that shred the tube as it passes.  This is where the oil helps it lubricates the tube to help the stone slide easier.  So there you have it.  I know this was long but hopefully it can help some one else.

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