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Monday, February 8, 2016

Tax Season Means Pay Down

Ok so staying with paying down debt but veering a little, I want you to think about your taxes.  It is tax time and for some that means the possibility of extra money.  This is a great opportunity  to pay down a little debt.

It does not have to be your biggest bill or all of your debt.  I personally have picked one that is $84 and another that is $400.  The rest is going to repairs and other things that need to be dealt with.  The objective is to use it before you lose it.

This means pay something off before you end up spending it on some dinner night out and now it is gone with nothing to show for it.  The worst feeling you can get from taxes is when they are gone we have made no progress and are no better off than the year before.  It is better to pay even your smallest bill rather than nothing at all.

So take a look at your list if you have made it.  Now pick one thing that you know you can pay when your taxes come in.  Make this a priority as soon as the money gets there this is the one thing you will pay off.  No waiting just pay it immediately and then you are that much closer to being debt free.

This is a journey.  I am here with you and we are going to make it together.

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