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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Start Small

Ok so far we have talked about making your debt pay down book, and finding an amount that you are comfortable paying each week.  We made a quick side step and mentioned using tax money to pay some thing.  We will now get to the next step.  This is where the real work starts.  This is where you will actually start to pay off debt.

Every one has a different theory on this part.  Some say pay the bill with the highest interest rate while others say pay the amount that is smallest first.  Both are good ideas and can work.  I like the idea of seeing real progress though.  I want to know that me effort is making a difference in my debt.
This means I choose to pay the smallest bill first.  I actually just paid off one card and am now working on my second.  I feel like seeing a bill hit zero gives me motivation to keep going.  It is like having ice cream after a long day or your cheat day on a diet.  You can see that you are really making a difference in your debt.

So your job today is to find the bill that has the smallest amount owed.  I do not care what it is it just has to be the smallest.  This is the one you are going to work on first.  Now remember this is on top of your monthly payment.  So if it is big enough you will still get your monthly bill and you will pay the minimum that you always have but what ever the amount is that you decided was your extra amount you will pay this every week.

Currently I am working on my JcPenney bill.  I have $84 to go, so this week I will pay the $20 that I have dedicated to debt pay down.  I will have this bill paid off by the end of the month.  This will be the second bill I will have paid off and it is a great feeling.

Welcome to the journey.  I will be with you the whole way

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