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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Evening Was an Event That Can bring Some Stress

So tonight was conferences.  It is a time that can either be exciting or miserable.  Kids worry about grades and what their parents will say if they get a back grade.  Parents worry how their child is doing and if teachers are secretly judging them for these bad grades.

For us it is a combination of both.  My daughter can do really well in school.  The issue is on top of her ADHD she also has seizure disorder.  This leads to a lot of missed days of school.  This then leads to built up assignments and then it is hard to catch up and take the quizzes and tests.  I know this is hard on my daughter and it is hard for me as a parent.  I know she needs to get good grades and be in school but the seizures take a lot out of her.  She once slept for 15 hours after a seizure.

She is doing good in some classes and not so good in others.  I know she can do well but I also know how hard she struggles.  It is like a roller coaster.  She has excelled in classes that she has always struggled in and is doing not so well in classes she has always done well in.

I fear she will be held back which has already happened once when she was younger.  I don't want her to feel bad about herself but it is hard to punish a child who has a legitimate reason for being behind.  It is a real battle.  She gets frustrated and I get frustrated then you really get nowhere.

Do you have a child with medical issues that make school harder?  What do you do to help them with their struggle?  I would really like to hear from other parents on how they cope with these issues.

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