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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oh Soo Tired

I am so tired right now.  I can not sleep lately.  I went to bed at 3 and was still up by 8am.  Not sure what is going on.  I did however get some stuff done today.  Cleaned up got some laundry done and fixed a very bad extension  cord problem.

I love cooking in a crock pot as a easy way to cook.  Today I learned that I am not a fan of making crock pot fettuccine.  I used a jar of sauce so I thought it should taste pretty good.  It was pretty bland.  We ended up having frozen pizzas.  We gave the noodles to the dogs.  They seemed to like it.  I also think the crock pot is weird.  I have to cook only on low then switch to warm only after a bit or it starts to burn everything like it is overheating.  It is good enough though until I find my good one or go get another one.  I really like the ease of slow cooking and the variety of things that can be cooked.  Do you have a slow cooker recipe that you love to make?  Where did you learn to make it?

My daughter is back from her Dads weekend so I am super happy now.  I really miss her when she is gone.  Plus I miss tons when she is gone.  She is getting so big and before I know it she will be off to college and I will only see her on weekends or whenever she decides to come visit.  I am doing my best to spend time with her under these new circumstances so I don't feel like I missed anything.  I want to know that I made an impact on her life over the years.  I am determined that she will only have good memories to look back on even though her Dad and I didn't end up together forever I want her to go forward happy and healthy and loved.

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