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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Beginning Of A Long Journey

We all have things we don't like.  Some we can change and some we can't.  Mine is one that I can take control of.  I plan to undo some very unhealthy damage to my body.  It has been happening over the course of about 8 years and I finally really just said this is it.  I have to make a change.

Due to medical issues I started putting on weight.  It happened very quickly in a matter of 8 months I grew 2 dress sizes but hadn't changed anything I was doing.  I even started exercising more and nothing changed.  I eventually gave up and started getting bigger.  It took the Dr's 2 years before they gave me a diagnoses of something I could actually battle.  Unfortunately by this time I had given up and over the next 6 years I gained over 100 pounds and 8 more sizes.  It was bad.

I moved back to MI a year and a half ago and I did lose 30 pounds so I was getting excited.  Then real life kicked in my body got stressed out and now I have gained back 10 of those pounds.  I am very upset with myself for not staying committed  to losing all the weight I can.  Well things are about to change.  I am sharing pictures of what I look like now so you can see how things progress. I can't tell you how this will turn out a year from now but I am going to really try hard to make it better.

 I am going to put it out there and let you guys follow me on my journey to get healthy again.  I have a gym I pay for but don't use so that needs to change,  I have food at home but get tired and lazy so I eat out to much.  This has to stop.  I literally have people asking me when I am due and I lost weight so I am not happy.  I hope that through this time I will inspire others to take their health back.  Am I some crazy health freak? No, not by any means, but I am tired of being unhealthy.  I don't get work out crazy and I don't buy tons of health food.  I am just a regular person looking to feel better.

I hope that you will follow me and be inspired by my journey and get back on track with your journey as well.  No matter what it is get back to it and make yourself happy.

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