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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mother Natures Wrath Is Scary

So last night we got hit by a terrible ice storm.  It was awful outside when I got up.  We have thousands with out power and the temp outside is only 30.  It is a great reminder of the fact we are still vulnerable to some things.  Mother Nature can do what she wants when she wants and we just have to hope that we survive when her wild angry side comes out.

With all our new technology we are still no match for nature.  She can disrupt anything at anytime without warning.  She is still reminding us of this as I write.  After the storm raged it began to drizzle and is now lightly snowing again.  Only further complicating the efforts to restore power.  So many that rely on this stuff are without.  Businesses have been forced to shut down due to no power or wires being down.

Travel is slow going as we have to play nice since a lot of the traffic lights are out and we have to make our way around the fallen trees.  The damage is absolutely crazy out there.  Huge trees brought to the ground.  Vehicles under them or behind them unable to move.  They have warnings that unless it is an emergency stay home.  Our power crews have even been borrowing help from other utility companies to try to get things cleaned up on the roads.

Just remember there is always something out there bigger and meaner than you.  It can take things out in the blink of an eye.  Tempting nature is very dangerous, and while thrilling it can be fatal.   Do not risk your life if not necessary.

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