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Sunday, February 22, 2015

So Yeah

Uh so usually I would come on here with a real purpose and some advice.  Today I am just here to chat.  I am exhausted.  Like in every area of my life I am just tired.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, I am for real tired.  Like keeping my eyes open is a real chore.  Everything is very draining.

Normally most people would say well then chill, relax, take some time to yourself.   That in perspective sounds great but what if you are the only adult in the home and everything around you is like massively needing attention?  At what point do you just say screw it and take the needed rest.  I mean the laundry needs to be done, the house needs cleaning and repairs.  My car doesn't work so I am using my parents and now it is not working so now I am borrowing a friends car.  This is the real struggle that I am going through.

My daughter has many medical issues and that means she needs extra attention.  She needs constant attention through out each day.  It is something that I do because I love my child, she is my world.  The problem becomes, if I am spending all my time taking care of her then who is taking care of me.  I don't mean in the sense of please come pay my bills and do all my house work, which I mean really at some point we have all wished would magically happen but we live in reality,   What I am talking about it ok so today I am running behind so lets do a ponytail and no make up and grab McDonald's for breakfast and the gym can wait until tomorrow.

Next thing you know the only time you wear anything "nice" is when you go to work.  Sweat pants are your best friend and  doing your hair means you brushed it out after the shower.  Makeup?!? What is make up?  Going out means I made it to the store and got the food my daughter needs for school and stuff.

I am not here for a pitty party that is not what this is.  It is just an out loud moment of trying to figure out at what point a person gets so far behind that everything else in the world comes before them self. Why is it, especially women in general, seem to forget that thy are people to and they need the same care and attention that everyone else gets.  Like pure normal stuff that humans do everyday.

Ok so that is that.  A little food for thought today.  I just seem to not really have it together today.  I do have a home and friends and just like everything else I will get through this.  You will too. So today go put on your fancy jeans and straighten your hair.  Then turn on your favorite show and relax.  It sounds crazy but why not one day is ok.

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