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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dealing With Loss

So we are going to switch gears for a minute.  So on Tuesday I had to put my dog to sleep.  It was very hard.  I cried like a baby.  My daughter was with me and cried too.  It was a very emotional day and the things that bothered me the most were not the ones I thought would get to me.

We knew this was what was best for him.  He was old and tired and he was having trouble just being here.  I made the appointment for a week later so we would have just a bit longer to love him and spoil him.  We got him some special items just for him and he slept with us every night until it was the day.  We did everything we could to make sure that his final days were great.  Then it was time

We sat with him for a bit then they gave him the shot.  Then we sat some more.  We cried and just loved on him for a little bit.  Then we decided it was time to let them take him.  Then our friends took us to dinner and we were doing okay.  We knew in our hearts we had done the right thing.  It was the next part that really hit hard and made us cry even harder.

We came home.  He was not there to greet us.  He wasn't laying on his pillow.  My daughter out of habit sat down on her couch and draped her hand over the edge like usual which was when Freckles would waddle over and get some lovins.  That is when it really got bad, he didn't waddle over.  He was never going to waddle over for lovins again.

That is what is hard about losing some one.  It isn't the letting go.  You know that people are lost every day.  It isn't the loss that hurts so much.  It is remembering.  It is a remembering all the wonderful things that used to be.  You realize those thing are officially over.  They are never going to happen again.  Now every time you see those things happening or do those things it reminds you of the person or animal and it hurts that they are not there to do those things again.

We will always remember and we will always love you.  Thank you for rescuing us.  RIP Freckles "The Fat Man" Hooper

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