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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Saving Money and Getting Out of Debt: To Budget or Not To Budget

I would first like to thank all of you for reading this blog.  I am very excited to announce that I have 1000 views as of today. I hope that I am helping people.  I set out to just start  blog and see where it went.  It has become more than that, it is now a place where I am determined to have an impact on peoples life.  Thank you for reading and being with me.

So we are on the journey to financial freedom.  A lot of people feel that having a budget is he holy grail of saving.  They claim it will keep you on track each month, that it will hold you accountable for your spending.  This does work for some people. 

Me personally, I do not use one.  I always forget to update them and then they make no sense.  Also for me it is just a reminder of how broke I am all the time.  I just do not find them helpful.  I am not saying do not use one, I am just saying I do not like using them.  This is something you will have to decide on your own if it is gong to be helpful or not.

If you decide to use one, make sure it will work for you.  If you are not a complex number person then do not choose a complex way to budget.  Go with the basics.  There are free budget forms on the internet that make it easy to do.  Make sure you are honest with the numbers.  You will not fix the problem if you are not willing to be honest about it.  Make sure you have all the numbers and categories you need.  Then simply add up your bills and essentials then subtract them from your income.  This will be the extra money you will have to work with. 

At this point hopefully you have a positive number.  What ever it is this will be the money you will use to Save and get out of debt.  Even if it is only $1 I can help you work with this. It will be weird at first but you can do it.  I am in this with you I am doing it right now so I know what I am talking about.  I only work part time but I have paid off a credit cards and my car.  This is with just y pay  check and every now and then I get child support but not every month.  I also have an IRA and two college funds going for m daughter.  If I can do it so can you.  Please feel free to ask questions I am here to help.

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