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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nearing The End of the Year

So the end of the school year is fast approaching.  It seems like there is so much to do before it gets here.  Especially if your child is at the end of one building heading to another.  My daughter is leaving middle school for high school so there is extra to be done.  She has projects to complete and recognition night.  She is so busy with finishing her work too.  So how do you keep the momentum going and stay on track.

The best thing you can do this time of year is stay with the schedule you already have.  Even if it the nigh before the last day of school, stick to the bed time routine and what ever else you may do.  Children do best when they have a routine.  They really do best when there is structure.  They need to know that have certain things they need to do a certain times.  During school you have a routine and then summer is their time.

Even then there should still be some type of structure.  You should still have some type of bedtime and continue the nightly routine just as usual.  Keep them doing some things as usual.  They may nt like it now but they will respect you later.

Keep going it is almost here so you can enjoy a little summer fun. Have a great day.

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