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Friday, January 30, 2015

Better than the 52 Week Challenge.

Okay so a lot of people have been talking about the 52 week challenge.  It is meant to help you save over $1000.00 by the end of the year.  The goal is whatever week you are on that is how many dollars you put in savings.  So week 5 would be $5.  In theory this is a good idea but what about week 40?  Can you be sure you can put $40 in savings and not touch it?  Do you have that much money to put away at one time?

I know that for me personally I will never just have $50 to put in at once.  I want to save money but I need a way that works in my budget.  So what should you do?  Dollar bills and change.  All week long set aside any $1 bills and change.  For my bills I just use an old #simplyorange juice bottle or put them in a separate  part of my wallet.  Then when you know you are going to the bank you take it with you and put it in your savings.  This is far less demanding than having to have a certain amount each week.  You barely notice that you are saving.

It is also less stressful.  This way you do not have a certain amount to save.  You save what you actually have.  You don't have to worry about catch up weeks if you miss one.  I once saved over $100 in one month just by doing this.  I was able to use it to pay a bill that I was running short on later.

I absolutely recommend this method.  If you can't do the $1 bills right away start with your change.  It really does add up.  You would be surprised at how much you can really save by just putting spare change aside.  My advice is to just try it for a couple months and see how it goes.  Do not keep it at home too long though.  You want to put it in some type of saving so it can earn some interest.  Even if it is not a ton earning some free money is always nice.  Then as the interest comes in you earn interest on that interest.

So give it a try.  What is the worst that will happen?  You will save money and have some extra in case something happens. Oh the horror of having extra cash.  Just kidding but really give it a try I bet you will be happy you did.

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