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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Making Money For Saving

Ok so now you have had time to go over all the other steps and get used to it.  Hopefully by now you have gotten the hang of things and have a system that works for you.  I know at first it takes some getting used to and sticking to it can be a challenge.  I have faith in you that you got this.  If I can do it I know you can too.

At this point you should have made a few of your weekly payments and even if it is small you should be seeing your balance slowly going down.  This is the goal.  No matter if it is a dollar a week or $100, the objective is to get the balance to be smaller.  It is not about how fast you go but getting the balance down is.  It is about still being able to eat but pay bills and start having an emergency  fund so credit cards are not always needed to solve an emergency.  We want those to be the last resort at this point.

So one way I make extra money is by using a site called INSTAGC.  To visit the site click http://www.instagc.com/420755  This can be used on computer or smart phone.  There are different ways to make money on this site.  You can watch videos, take survey, download games, even print coupons.  It is extremely easy.In my spare time this year I have made over $40.  Roughly $20 extra month so that is pretty good.  You can put that in your savings account or use it to make your weekly payments.  I have made about a $1 a day this month already.  Using my earnings from this site and another I will explain in another post I was able to buy my daughter a new backpack.  It cost $53 with shipping and I paid $0.  To the right is a picture that shows the type she got.  I got it from Amazon so I used my points for Amazon codes and put them on my balance until I had enough to pay for the whole thing.

So even if you only made $1 a day that would still be $30 extra a month.  That is $360 extra dollars a year. Think of what you could do to knock out debt or add to your savings with that much extra a year.  I am earning points as I type by watching videos.  It is really that easy.

In my next post I will go over some other money making tips that add up.  I hope you are learning on this journey.  Remember I am here with you taking the same journey.  We can do this together.

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